NWO Threats and Tools of Enslavement

"Tools of enslavement" refers to the technology, ideologies and arguments used to justify the erosion or removal of human rights under the guise of the greater good." When you recognize the tools they use, you can then see how to resist them. Each tool will be described and counter measures provided.


Digital ID

A digital identity is a digital representation of a human being or organization. Digital identities are given automated access to systems and services, which also means that access can be automatically denied. Services which could have access automated are, healthcare and hospital access, public transit, entry to businesses like supermarkets, entry to residential or commercial buildings, government buildings and institutions including social service centers, airports and other points of private travel.

Digital ID will allow governments and corporations to create access barrier systems. Once enough people have self-adopted, the rest of the population will be forced to take it. Those who refuse will be unable to gain access to the listed places above. This ID can also be used to create a biometric access profile using things like your facial or thumb scan, your retinal scan, or even genetic authentication, and would then enable governments and service providers to attach that profile to your online activity, making internet anonymity impossible for the average person. This ID will allow many things to be attached to it, such as digital currencies and wallets, social credit score, loyalty cards, credit cards, health information like vaccination status, carbon footprint, criminal record, insurance policies, and government issued licenses

One example of Digital ID is the Known Traveler Digital Identity initiative by the World Economic Forum.

How to stop digital ID? 

It is important to understand that governments do not have the right to force citizens to adopt technology in order to participate in society, and during previous implementations of technology, many citizens refused to adopt and were able to continue to access systems and services. There will likely come a point in the near future where the option to refuse comes with severe consequences resulting in the denial of access to all systems and services. It is then that your conviction to principles and the network of other refusers, which you have already established, becomes vital.

Another way to fight it is to refuse to use other forms of digital ID you currently have, cancel your loyalty cards and phone the business to explain why. Do not give up your identity to access websites, premium services on social platforms. Do not choose to use biometric identifiers to secure any accounts or devices. 

Spreading this information with others is essential. The more people who discover and understand the authoritarian capabilities of this technology, the more who will refuse to adopt it and the more who will fight against it. Consider spreading the GFM digital ID flyer to friends, family, and individuals and businesses in your community.

Write physical letters, emails, make phone calls to any sector of government or any business attempting to push the adoption of Digital ID and voice your concerns, while also demanding that they continue to provide access or service for anyone who refuses to adopt the ID.

15 Minute Cities / Human Corridor Zones

A 15 minute city is a marketing term for dividing up urban centers into manageable districts where every citizen should be able to access all the resources and services they need within a 15 minute drive from their residence. At first, these districts will be monitored by cameras which track vehicles, and citizens will be permitted to leave their 15 minute city 100 times a year, unless special permits authorize them to leave more often. However, carbon footprint and social credit score could lower or increase those allotments, and further, climate data could and most likely will be used to reduce the number from 100 down to a much smaller number over time. Remember that the M.O. of the NWO is to implement tyranny and enslavement in stages and incremental nudges. Another marketing term used by those implementing these kind of controls within city limits is "C40 Cities" which, in addition to movement limits on vehicles, establishes further nanny state controls on human freedoms by setting maximums for consumption of clothing, meat, electronics, etc, while also limiting certain areas to electric vehicles only or moving towards outright banning their usage within the city all together. It is likely that green energy upgrades to appliances and homes will become mandatory to retain occupancy or deed, also. As we already see in areas of China, gates can easily be set up, and using guards and cameras, all routes in and out of each district can be blocked, eliminating the ability of anyone to leave without authorization.

Human Corridor Zones are similar to 15 minute or C40 cities, but these districts will be drawn up over rural and wilderness areas. A map drawn for a United Nations project clearly shows that according to expert environmentalists, more than 98% of all wilderness and rural areas should be "no-go-zones" for human beings, while 1% will be "limited usage" and the other 1% would be open to those who have left their 15 minute city for one of their authorized excursions. The claim is that this system of corridors and districts will protect biodiversity while still allowing human beings free access to vast swaths of wilderness to enjoy. But upon reviewing the previous proposals, it is clear that the goal is to remove the ability of human beings to access their natural environment.

With these districts and corridors, as well as the cameras, gates and other barricades which will prevent the free movement of human beings and vehicles, governments will be able to have prison like control over their entire country. This system will be implemented gradually. At first there will be incentives. Cities that self-adopt will get federal or provincial or state funding bonuses, citizens who participate may also be financially incentivized, while those who go above the maximum allowable limits will be penalized with extra tax, fines, higher insurance premiums or lowered allowances in other controlled resources like meat or energy.

How to fight against 15 Minute Cities?

First we must inform everyone of how these 15 minute cities are already limiting the movement of humans and vehicles in areas of China, and in some UK suburbs. We must explain how these restrictions endanger lives by rerouting emergency services, by limiting people in one district from things that are only available in another. Exposing the hypocrisy of the parasitic globalist class is also needed. It must be made clear to all that those who are creating and implementing these systems will not be following the rules they write.

At first, the boundaries will be only controlled by cameras or moveable barriers. Do what is needed to remove or bypass the barriers, or render the cameras meaningless so that there is no way to be recorded. When your public servant tells you that you don't have rights, you must prove that you do,  and you must remind them that they are your servants.

When the ability to easily cross these boundaries is restricted, take whatever actions are necessary to remove the restrictions. Your freedom of mobility shall not be infringed!

Secure sources for meat, clothing, or other restricted items, exclusively use cash and barter to acquire what you need regardless of limits.

Most importantly, move out of the cities! if they want everyone inside a city, then the more people who live outside of one, the harder it will be to successfully control populations. Buy rural property and prepare to hold it. If you cant afford one on your own, consider a joint title with your squadmates. When rural or wilderness corridor gates go up, do what is required to stop it.

Spread the GFM Flyer on 15 minute cities.

Carbon Tax, Credits / Climate Change Regulations

Carbon credits and score: New technologies and tracking systems are currently enabling a carbon footprint calculation to absolutely everything human beings can buy or consume, as well as attaching a carbon cost to human movement. This will be used to calculate your "carbon score" which will allow governments to control your consumption levels based on what is considered acceptable environmental carbon impacts, also referred to as "carbon credits." It is likely that this mechanism will be exploited by the wealthy, as carbon credits may be transferrable for a price. Those with low social credit or financial standing may be forced to sell their credits to those with high social credit and financial standing, credits they might've wanted to spend on travel or clothing in order to top up their food consumption, while someone in the high class may buy those credits to increase the distance they can travel in their yacht. 

Carbon Taxation: By attaching a carbon cost to every item or consumption, a calculation can be made and a tax applied to all goods and services based on perceived climate impact. This tax supposedly is levied by governments to transfer wealth to the lower class, but what ultimately happens is that the cost of all goods and services, including food, fuel, gas, electrical, and clothing, go up to cover the increasing cost of production, and this contributes to price inflation which winds up being far higher than the carbon tax rebates paid out to the poor. This is mainly because a large portion of the taxes taken are absorbed by green energy initiatives which provide subsidies to wealthy, upper class individuals, or green energy industry corporations. Carbon footprints have not been tied to runaway climate change or any other environmental emergency. It is a fraudulent argument. Please see and distribute our GFM Climate Flyer for more info.

The Climate Change Scam is and will be used to justify regulations that enable green energy giants to form unstoppable monopolies, fascist corporations that work as a branch of government to control all vital resources within a nation. All food, water, air, rain, sun, minerals metals and lumber will be controlled by high ESG scored mega corporations and smaller businesses will be regulated-out. These regulations will limit absolutely everything, from how much farmers can grow to how much rain water someone can collect (if any) on their property. All businesses and individuals will be forced to comply by ever expanding numbers of bylaw and regulation enforcement officers. Routine inspections will become constant over time. Your options to purchase clothing or vehicles or other products that are not produced in "sustainable ways" will continue to be reduced until only those options considered green or sustainable will be available. Many announcements have already been made around the world stating that gas powered vehicles, appliances, wood burning stoves, and more, will be made outright illegal to purchase or even possess or use.

How to fight against it?

Refuse to use credit cards with carbon score tracking, do not purchase appliances or vehicles to get carbon tax-funded subsidies.

Spread information on how governments and international organizations are working with green energy and green tech giants to create Green Monopolies and explain how all citizens are being negatively effected, spread the GFM Climate Flyer, call write and email your representatives and voice your opposition.

Source what you need from local companies and pay in cash.

ESG Scores / Social Credit
ESG stands for "Environmental, Social and Governance" and it is essentially a way to apply social credit controls on businesses. Evaluations of a business' impact on the environment, how it supports an "inclusive work environment", how it enables "equity as equality," and how it complies to regulation, can be imposed both externally, (by any organization, government or private, given the power to provide assessments which can have impacts on a business' ability to operate), or internally, (by shareholders/stakeholders/ownership). Businesses with low scores will be punished with higher interest rates on loans, higher premiums or costs for insurance, fines by environmental regulation compliance offices, governments, and international organizations. This will lead to the total inability of businesses that do not comply with environmental, equity, or ideologically based regulations or policies, to compete or operate, forcing closures, while businesses that comply will see increased subsidies, lower taxation, lower interest rates and insurance costs and more available access to loans or credit.

Social Credit is a term used to describe how governments, corporations and non-profits are able to work together to evaluate, rank and score a human being based on their adherence to what is defined as a "good citizen" a "good customer" or a "moral person." This system is already in place in China and some other Asian countries and is being installed around the world by many countries. Every action, every word spoken, every lifestyle and consumption habit or practice is given a score. An individuals deviation from what is considered "ideal behavior or speech" is evaluated and given a score. That score will eventually totally eliminate a low-score individuals ability to survive. As a score drops, costs for essential goods and services may increase, access to goods or services may be totally denied, movement of the individual may be restricted, and ultimately may lead to a score defined as "criminal" and legal action taken or charges pressed.

How will ESG and Social Credit enable human enslavement?

First, refuse to patron businesses who are openly pushing the ESG model, if it is not publicly shown on their website, inquire in email or writing or by phone. Ask "how is your business working towards a better future using ESG? Are you already working towards adopting the ESG system?" If they respond positively confirming that they are indeed adopting the ESG system, this is a great time to let them know that you will be ending business with them for exactly that reason. Explain why ESG will be used to kill small businesses and how governments will gain control over the private sector by "regulating morality by their own definitions."

Refuse to adopt the model in your own business, pass out our Digital ID/Social Credit/ESG flyer to all businesses you patron on a regular basis, ask to give the flyer to the owner or head manager. When you pass the flyer, explain why you will personally be not be doing business with any outfit that adopts the system.

How to fight against it?

Build a strong bond with those in your community who will defend you from attempts to cancel you. Go to town hall meetings, public forums, town councils, school board meetings, and voice your opposition to any incremental implementations of this system. Provide examples from communist China to explain why it is a bad idea. Hand out the flyer there also. Put up messages on message boards, community groups, bulletin boards or anywhere you can find a place to leave information

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC's)

CBDC refers to a programmable, "smart" electronic form of money, produced by Central Banks, the World Bank, or the Bank of International Settlements. These currencies can be blockchain or hashgraph based in cryptographic code that encrypts and secures the network used to process payments or transactions, as well as the users and digital wallets they can be moved in and out of. Smart Money can be turned on or off with the flip of a switch. If government deems you a "bad citizen" or even simply determines that you don't need to buy something, you will be unable to spend your money. In China, they have already issued smart programmable currency with an expiration date. If you wait too long to spend it, it expires and becomes worthless. 

How will CBDC's enable human enslavement?

CBDC's will allow absolute control by government and financial institutions over your money. They will decide what you can and cant buy, how often you can buy something, how long you can save your money before it becomes worthless, they will be able to see every single transaction and they will use them to provide a credit score they can use to deny you access to goods or services. You will be unable to make any transactions that are not recorded, there will be no way to give even $5 to a child without government knowing about it and possibly taxing the event.

How to fight against it?

Use Cash. Choose to spend cash everywhere you can, boycott any business that refuses to take cash. Make it clear that you are leaving the business without spending any money because they have refused cash. When you pay at a business that takes cash, explain that you are choosing to use cash to "fight against the central bank digital currencies that will allow governments to freeze peoples bank accounts for driving too much in a month," etc.

Find Barter Groups and begin to trade for what you need with others who are choosing not to use money whenever possible. It is with these people that some of the strongest networks can be formed, and many potential squadmates or those who will adopt GFM are found.

Do not adopt the tech by investing in crypto startups that are helping to build the digital infrastructure that will enable smart currency systems to be implemented.

5G and the Internet of Things

5G refers to the "5th Generation Mobile Network." 

5G uses a different frequency spectrum than previous network systems. It's main selling features by its proponents is its unprecedented speeds and massive network capabilities allowing a huge increase in the number of devices that can be simultaneously connected. It is this massive increase in the number of devices that connect simultaneously that enable the vision for the Internet of Things to be realized. Not only will every product, good, and vehicle be able to be constantly tracked and monitored in real time, but this new network will also allow a huge increase in the number of cameras and censors which will soon be monitoring and spying on every square inch of cities or towns. In short, there will be absolutely zero privacy, and it is the 5G network that makes this possible.

How will 5G and IOT enable human enslavement?

Governments will be able to track absolutely every good and service, vehicle and yes, even every human being, in real time, including biometric capable cameras that will facial scan every person as they are tracked. They will have the ability to create "authorized routes or zones" and through real time monitoring, any deviation from those routes or zones will be automatically detected and flagged, and authorities will be sent to correct the deviation. This means that there will be no way for black markets to exist, and immediate enforcement of law when violations happen. Effectively, this system can turn a city or a town into an open air digital prison.

5G has a very short range, and this requires many towers to be placed in close proximity. If you live in a communal building, own, rent or lease a business, voice your concerns and stand strongly against a 5G transmitter going on the building where you work or live.

How to fight against it?

Spread information about the dangers of 5G and the authoritarian or Orwellian implications of IOT by spreading the 5G flyer in your community.

Contact your local service provider and express your displeasure at the implementation of this tech. Cite health and privacy concerns. Contact your local, regional and federal officials and do the same with them.

Get a high quality EMF detector and learn how to identify harmful levels. Record your readings that go beyond the maximum acceptable allowances and threaten legal action against those who are responsible for the source of that radiation.

If you notice massive spikes in your readings and determine that a nearby tower is emitting deadly levels of radiation, demand its removal immediately. If this does not happen in due time, "do what you must."

Behavioral Modification Technologies

A Behavioral Modification Technology is any form of hardware or software device that can allow an individual or organization or government to alter or effect the mood or behavior of any individual against their will and without their informed consent. There are numerous methods by which human behavior can be modified using knowledge of human psychology and bodily responses to sensory stimuli, or thought policing or manipulation by controlling viewable content.

By modifying the Light, Sound, Emitted Frequencies on non-perceivable spectrums, Colors, and information an individual is receiving, forcibly Insulating from Nature or denying access, physically controlling human movement, subliminal messaging, psychological nudging, gaslighting, mental torture, disinformation campaigns, and terrorization with endless threats. All of these things can produce the desired result of mass-scale behavioral modification of individuals. It is also possible that governments have or will use behavioral modification chemicals in food or water supplies, which has been discussed by governments before. Genetic engineering proponents also propose to release genetically modified organisms designed to give human beings diseases that force them to make environmentally sound decisions, for example; releasing a genetically modified mosquito that will give people the lone star tick disease which causes intolerance to red meat, to "save the planet" by lowering meat consumption through disease.

How will BMT enable human enslavement?

Imagine a world where there is no longer free will. Where your decisions are made for you and you are completely unaware. Governments can manufacture consent by manipulating human being's mood, thought processes and behavior. Who would stand up and fight against ANY oppression if they were manipulated into behaviors that make them docile and agreeable? 

How to fight against it?

First it is important to learn the methods by which they will attempt to modify your behavior so that you can take steps to limit or remove the functionality of the tech they use. Since it is very detailed and there are so many ways they can do this, please see the Behavior Modification Page to learn more.

Surveillance Technology

We've all heard the term "Big Brother" which has become synonymous with the "Surveillance State." Images come to mind of an all seeing eye or a camera high up on a lamp standard, watching your every move. Over the years, surveillance tech has advanced, it is not just standard CCTV cameras anymore. Modern cameras are capable of picking up personal identifiers like facial features, stature and gate, and using artificial intelligence, even read your emotions based on expression and mannerisms. There are also microphones going up all over cities with high sensitivity, capturing conversations and connected to Ai which can cross reference with a database of vocal recordings or "vocal signatures" in order to identify voices captured. Governments are also using drones, satellites and spy balloons at high altitudes to capture areas where there is no power or infrastructure to connect cameras or microphones to, and they may also drop "Smart Dust" into areas where there is a need for extremely sensitive and longer term spying. 

How does this surveillance tech enable human enslavement?

When governments can see or hear absolutely every thing you say or do no matter where you are, there is zero privacy. This means there is nowhere you could go to have a private conversation without them hearing it, nowhere you could hide without them knowing. Under a benevolent regime, this wouldn't be an issue, but there are no benevolent regimes. This invasion of privacy has and will be used to identify those who will not comply with the NWO, flag everyone they have ever talked to about it, mark everywhere they have ever gone, including remote locations. It will soon become impossible to speak or act in any way that goes against the NWO without being flagged, given a low social credit score, or worse.

How to fight it?

There is only so much we can do, but we should do all we can. There are hats and masks which can defeat some facial recognition cameras, it is not a bad idea to have the option. Vocal signature recognition algorithms have trouble with whispers. Choosing to engage in random and spontaneous actions can make it difficult for location predictive software to find where you might be. There are other ways to defeat some of the tech, but those actions would be considered "illegal" so they wont be mentioned here, and remember to always follow the code of conduct. That said, Paintball Guns, Silly String, Wire Cutters, Powerful Pen Lasers, and projectile devices can be effective at "killing bugs."

Public Health Regulation Capture

The Pandemic Response around the world that began in 2020 has showed very clearly that the New World Order agenda is being played out through control of the NIH, the CDC and the WHO, the policies they write, and the public health authorities of almost every country on earth that takes guidance from them. The tools of enslavement that are being pushed under the guise of "public safety" are, vaccine passports or Health ID, Mandatory Vaccinations, Forced Quarantine, Removal of Children from homes of "Dangerous Anti-Vaxxers," Forced Testing, Forced Genetic Sampling, Denial of Healthcare, Closure of Borders, Blocking All Forms of Travel, Shuttering Businesses, Placing Operating Restrictions on "Essential Businesses," locking the elderly in care homes away from family or human contact, changing schools and businesses to "work or learn from home," and Cancelling Doctors who disagree with policy.

The degree of control these global health "authorities" will soon increase with the ratification of the WHO Pandemic Treaty. This will effectively transfer power from all governments that sign and agree to be bound by it, once a public health state of emergency is declared, to the World Health Organization. Public Health Authorities of those nations will be under the direct orders of the UN Health Body the WHO, and provisions allow the creation of "health compliance officers" and "quarantine officers" and may also include directives to law enforcement or military personnel. To sum it up, this is Martial Law under the guise of public safety.

Globalist Health Authorities simply need to claim there is a health crisis, and by manipulating tests as they did with the PCR test for SARS-COV2, they can provide "evidence" that a pandemic is occurring, but next time, under the treaty, they will assume full control over nations.

How do we fight against these regulations and globalist health organizations?

First, DO NOT COMPLY with ANY public health order. Mandates are not laws. A "Pandemic Treaty" is being signed without informed consent of the people, this is TREASON, and therefore they have NO AUTHORITY to impose their will on the people inside of nations that sign the treaty.

Identify quarantine camp locations and expose them.

Go in groups to provincial or state borders that have been closed for "pandemic response" and cross anyway, PROVE you have rights.

Pass out the Truth about the Jabs and Virus Flyer, and the Pandemic Treaty Flyer. Inform everyone that you can how these organizations controlled our lives over COVID-19 and how the next time the Pandemic Treaty will allow them to go much further, that quarantine camps continue to be built and staff hired.

Any public building has been paid for with YOUR TAX DOLLARS, and it is unjust for government to discriminate based on medical status who may or may not enter. Go in groups and prove you have rights.

Take an advocate with you to any medical appointment where discrimination or involuntary vaccination may occur. Watch each others backs.


Refuse to go quietly or give up without a fight if they come to take you to a quarantine (concentration) camp, or if they come to remove children because of refusal to submit to vaccination mandates. Don't just "not comply," but ACTIVELY DEFY.

International Treaties

Agile Nations Treaty was signed by Canada, Denmark Italy, Japan, Singapore, the UAE and the UK in December 2020. It was organized by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the OECD (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), and effectively aligns these member nations in regulations devised by the WEF and OECD to enable the rollout of technologies which lay the foundation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as defined by the WEF, and includes involvement by big tech giants like Facebook and IBM. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a term used by the World Economic Forum to explain the fundamental changes to government, society and economies which will be enabled by technologies like Web3, Blockchain, Internet of Things, 5G, 3D Printing, Ai, Robotics, Digital Currencies and more. Agile governance is "sustainable policy making through a multi-stakeholder effort." In other words, governments, big business and international organizations working together to implement technologies that will transform your life, destroy your privacy and take away your rights.

The Declaration of North America Treaty was signed by Mexican President Andres Lopez, US President Joe Biden, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on January 10, 2023. This treaty consists of 6 main pillars, to support and foster a determined collaborative effort to fortify the security, prosperity, sustainability and inclusiveness of the region through aligned regulation and policy changes or co-operation. Those pillars are:

1) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

2) Climate Change and the Environment

3) Competitiveness

4) Migration and Development

5) Health

6) Regional Security

Open statements where made at the North American Leaders Summit where the signing took place, outlining how the 3 nations would work together to resettle immigrants and refugees, dissolve national borders in the face of existential threats and better share information with each other. Many constitutional experts have reviewed the document and determined that this declaration effectively invalidates the US Constitution and undermines US sovereignty, as well, both Mexico and Canada would see their national independence subverted in response to any crisis which is deemed "trans-national" or "cross-border." This treaty establishes the foundation for the North American Union.

The WHO Pandemic Treaty is currently being debated, amended and revised, with different speeds of adoption in member countries, and while it represents a threat to sovereignty and independence of nations during a global health crisis (real or manufactured), there exists in place already, global public health agreements that involve national public health authorities following or adhering to the guidance and directives of the World Health Organization.

This Treaty, and/or the amendments being proposed would see the WHO become the global health authority in all signing countries during a global health crisis.

It would allow public health measures that involve the removal of individual rights to be implemented over "potential threats." This means that merely by computer modelling projections, medical martial law could be implemented without any real world data to justify those actions.

It would allow the "removal of the right to dignity" from individuals in order to protect the health and well being of the greater population.

It would give the WHO Director General control over private industry to order the production of medical devices, medicine or other items "required" to provide optimal public health response.

It would give the WHO the power to require medical examinations, proof of prophylaxis, proof of vaccination, and the ability to implement contact tracing, forced quarantine, and forced treatment or resistant individuals.

It would give the WHO the power to create global health certificates and tracking systems, both digital and paper, for testing, vaccination, prophylaxis, recovery, and travel.

Redirect unlimited funds from anywhere into the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex without accountability.

Remove the ability of individuals to have their health records or status kept private.

Give the WHO the power to censor or define medical misinformation.

And give the WHO the ability to build and maintain infrastructure to control the movement of human beings at all points of entry.

If you ever wanted to establish on paper the foundation for total global medical tyranny and martial law, the WHO pandemic treaty would set the bar.

The Paris Agreement/UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate) is an international treaty signed by 200 countries around the world. Started in the 1990s,  it has evolved and been transformed over time. This treaty is internationally and legally binding, and all signatories agree to implement and adopt the policies and regulations of the United Nations developed in accordance with "expert" approved mitigation strategies. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN)), produces data which purports to show incontrovertible evidence that man made climate change through industrial carbon emission is creating catastrophic warming. The treaty outlines targets to limit or reverse the perceived warming since the industrial revolution began, which is claimed to be 1.5 - 2.0 degrees. However, the historical and geological records available are not accurate enough to provide and precise baseline that can be used to define deviation from the norm. See "How to Lie with Statistics."

The regulations and policies pushed through this agreement involve redirecting of funding from "environmentally destructive or irresponsible" industries, in the form of subsidies or rebates, to "green energy companies," as well as the creation or transformation of regulations that move economies over to "net zero" carbon output by making it virtually impossible for private entities to succeed without transforming to become compliant. It also involves the implementation and incremental increases of carbon tax.

Signatories set their own goals and plans to reach the global temperature target, which are referred to as "Nationally Determined Contributions." But, these goals and plans are primarily pre-written by think tanks and NGOs connected to the United Nations with sponsorship of the IPCC and UN grants.