Here you will find an archive of flyers you can print and spread in real life or online. Each flyer links to a Substack post where there is compiled evidence with citations that undermine the narratives used to enslave us. 

PDF Digital ID Flyer, Full Color, 2-sided 8.5x11"

Digital ID Flyer - GFM
Digital ID Flyer page 2

PDF digital id flyer, Black and white, 2-sided 8.5x11"

Digital ID Flyer - GFM BW PAGE 1
Digital ID Flyer BW page 2

Mask Flyer to hand out when approached

Mask Flyer

(Note: this mask flyer was designed using Ukraine colors and makes emotional appeals in order to attempt to break the programming of those who try to approach unmasked people in order to make them comply with mask mandates or policies.)

Virus and covid-19 vaccine flyer, full color pdf

GFM FlyerAB-1 colour
GFM FlyerAB-2 colour

Virus and covid-19 vaccine flyer, black & white pdf

GCU Flyer B and W-1
GCU Flyer B and W-2

5g flyer full color PNG 8.5x11"

5G flyer Final Draft3

5g flyer - black & white png 8.5x11"

5G flyer-black and white

(Note: the covid-19 injections are technically not "vaccines" and should normally not be referred to as such. The flyer mentions them using the word "vaccine" in order to be clear to those who are not yet aware of the change in definition by the CDC. Technically, these injections are genetic therapy products using transfection mechanisms, and lipid nano particles never before used in immune response generating products.)

Red pill starter flyer about covid restrictions

Did You Know Flyer2