What is the global freedom movement?

The Global Freedom Movement is a framework for decentralized peaceful revolution, and a protocol for distribution of educational materials, guides, and resources that allow human beings to reclaim their sovereignty, spread awareness of the plan to enslave us all, educate each other on what sovereignty, natural rights and freedom really are, build squads of prepped individuals that form local, national and global networks of communication and alternative economies that allow those who resist and fight against the enslavement of the NWO to withstand coercion, threats, and aggression by governments while maintaining themselves and their families with the goods they need to stay alive, to actively defy oppression and withstand the less-lethal force that will be used against them. The network can also be used to stand against foreign invasion or mobilize in the face of naturally occurring disasters or other existential threats.

How does it work?

To Join the GFM Network, you simply adopt the principles of natural rights as found in our Mission Statement. You self-fund to build up your preps to the minimum 6 month mark. You build a squad with family or friends or those you have vetted from other groups or protests, you develop action plans, bug-out/bug-in plans with them. You adapt the Peaceful Revolution Guidebook to engage in active defiance in your local community. You adhere to the code of conduct, you hold your squad-mates accountable to that code of conduct, and you denounce anyone representing the movement who violates the code of conduct after an attempt is made to hold them accountable. You train for scenarios that are peaceful, and you train for scenarios that aren't. You draw a line in the sand that you are willing to give your life for and you find the resolve to have the conviction needed to follow through. Every GFM member knows that a life without freedom is not worth living, and that only by our resolve to be free, can we have any hope of living to see a world where our children are free. You self- fund the creation of GFM media, flyers, stickers, clothing, etc, and you distribute the materials in your community, and at protests. 

  • 1 - Declare Independence and Reclaim Your Sovereignty
  • 2- Adopt the Principles of Natural Rights and the NAP
  • 3- Study and Adhere to the Code of Conduct
  • 4- Prepare to withstand resource-based coercion and shortages
  • 5- Equip yourself to withstand "less lethal force" and for optimal survival
  • 6- Build a Squad with other prepped individuals, family and friends
  • 7- Network with other Squads and build a Communication Network
  • 8- Train for physical fitness, scenario response, active defiance and self defense
  • 9- Plan or create plans for survival, defiance, tactics, and scenario response
  • 10- Spread the truth to wake up the masses more effectively, through flyers etc
  • 11- Recruit others to join the GFM Network by any means available
  • 12- Take Proactive Action to eliminate threats and pre-emptively stop NWO advancements 
  • (Optional) Run an Online GFM Node and Protest Booth

The Structure

The GFM Network has no individual leadership. We are led by Our Principles, Our Code of Conduct, and by our Resolve, our Willingness to give our lives for our Convictions, and our adherence to holding each other accountable. The advantage of decentralized systems is that there is no centralized authority to co-opt, corrupt, or be taken down. If a movement is led by individual leaders with authority, then a movement is easily steered by controlled opposition bad faith actors, it is easily corrupted by the decisions of leaders misguided by fear, ego or poor use of reason. Centralized authority can also be easily removed from the helm of the movement by government, leaving the movement without leadership, aim or directive, effectively killing the body by simply removing the head. This decentralized structure enables us to be resilient and resistant to co-opting, corruption, controlled opposition and decapitation of the head of our movement.

The drawbacks are that it is up to each individual to learn and understand and adhere to the principles, the code of conduct and the guides for how to engage in active defiance, as well as self-funding, motivating, finding the determination to hold themselves and those around them accountable without a "leader" giving them orders. We must save ourselves, and as a GFM member you are required to create and follow your own orders that adhere to the code and principles and guides. There will always be natural born leaders who take the GFM framework and run with it, who are able to win the support of many, but they are restrained also to follow the code, adhere to the principles and guides. 

The "NAP" refers to the "Non-Aggression-Principle." The nonaggression axiom is an ethical principle often used as a basis for libertarian rights theory. It forbids aggression except in defense.

For your information

There is no active member list, absolutely nothing is tracked or monitored. There is no need to be a visible member if you do not wish to be. Anyone can decide to be a secret member or visibly represent. There is no proprietary or copyrighted materials. All GFM imagery and text are considered free for all uses and open domain, however, alterations of the imagery or documents in a way that violates the code of conduct, principles or framework structure are automatically denounced and disavowed, and any GFM member who sees such violations should report them to others in the network so they can be identified and denounced by all. For those who want to make the network more resilient, consider running a GFM Node. Nobody should be monetizing anything to do with the GFM Network. Anyone selling GFM merchandise , (at protests for example), should have a public ledger clearly showing cost to produce items, profit margin, and designation for the profit and how every dollar will be used, as well as a visible accounting available online to anyone who donated/ purchased, with receipts for every dollar spent.

Acceptable fundraising items are: To buy advertising space for GFM truth bomb messages, to create a flyer bank to distribute stacks of flyers to those who wish to distribute, to run a node. This website will only take funding donations to cover the cost of renewal, and any excess will be used to buy ad space and create a bank of printed flyers which can be mailed in packages to those who wish to distribute but have no financial ability to produce their own. All receipts will be accounted for.

GFM Documents

You may save documents one page at a time as PNG images or click the download button above each document to download the PDF version.

The Declaration of Independence from Globalist Powers

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Declaration of Independence (Edited) GFM FINAL-1
Declaration of Independence (Edited) GFM FINAL-2
Declaration of Independence (Edited) GFM FINAL-3

GFM Code of conduct

(Keep in mind that 3 items on this code of conduct do not apply if; an act of aggression has been committed against you or your family/squad, or if; a piece of property demonstrates a clear and present danger to the health and safety of yourself or your squad/family.)

Download PDF

Full gfm peaceful revolution guidebook

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There is a prepping guidebook on the Prepping Pager found Here

Or download the PDF via the button below

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