Prepping to Withstand Coercion

If you fail to prepare, when the moment comes, you will be a liability to others. We must first ensure we have secured ourselves and our own before we can become an asset to those around us. The NWO will attempt to gain the compliance of the masses to submit to the coercion by limiting the resources human beings need to survive. Unfortunately, in modern society, the majority of human beings have hardly any resources or the knowledge needed to survive even 2 weeks without the Just-In-Time system they rely on to resupply themselves with food, water, medication and toiletries. This is why it is essential that everyone prepares to the best of their ability to increase their personal survival window to the maximum amount of time possible. We recommend the bare minimum target of 6 months.

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Survival Basics

You can survive 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food. 

AIR - A high quality gas mask with the proper filters is essential to ensure that you are always able to breathe during many scenarios where the air may not be safe to breathe unfiltered. A Biological/Chemical Filter, a Certified Radiological Filter, and a Particulate Smoke filter are recommended. Military Surplus stores carry masks in like-new condition and are an economical way to get a high quality mask. However, the filters they include are usually passed their service life. Buy filters for your masks in brand new condition from manufacturers, ensuring they are the correct thread for your mask, either NATO or GOST. At the very least, have a reusable particulate mask.

Shelter - It is not always going to be practical to build a survival shelter in the woods, although it is wise to learn how to do so while paying attention to the natural elements near you to understand the best type of shelter to build. There are many great YouTube videos out there showing how to build a shelter out of natural materials. Include your area in your search to find a more tailored guide. If you have bugged-out in a vehicle, that is probably the best shelter one can have away from the home. Survival blankets and tarps with rope can allow many shelters to be easily made in nature. Fuel that allows you to have a smokeless fire will ensure that you can cook food and warm yourself without giving away your location with smoke. Fire is also psychologically important for morale, safety from predators, sterilization, purifying water and more. Fire and Shelter go together. Include many fire starter tools in your survival kit. Flint strikers, water proof matches, lighters, magnifying glasses are all a good idea. Learn how to make a raised bed from branches. Sleeping on the ground can lower your odds of survival.

Water - Without water, our bodies shut down, and we die in very short order, even before death, a mere 36 hours without water and our thinking process is severely hampered and our body's systems become unregulated. It becomes impossible to think of anything other than finding a drink. We must have multiple ways of obtaining, filtering and purifying water when we leave our homes and attempt to stay bugged out for any length of time. Life Straws, Portable 5-stage Filters, Water Purification Tablets, Boiling Water, Bleach, and Sunlight can all be used to purify water. Sourcing water is the other obstacle one must tackle. First, your bug out location should be somewhere nearby a fresh water source, if at all possible. You can also bring 5 gallon jugs with you, as much as you can transport, to buy you time without needing to obtain fresh water, but if you are put in a situation where you must flee your home quickly, you may not have time to bring as much with you as you would like. Collecting rainwater is another way to source more water. Using tarps and containers you can create a rainwater catchment by using the same tarps you set up to shelter you. It is still a good idea to purify rainwater before drinking. Be sure to have a pot with a lid you can use to boil water with. You can also create evaporation/condensation traps to capture ground moisture or purify urine, which may be needed if you are bugging out in a desert climate. any green plant matter contains water and using an evaporation trap with plant material inside, the water within the plant can be drawn out. Fast moving water in creeks, or natural springs are always the best choice, but should still be filtered at the very least. Sunlight can be used to purify water through evaporation and condensation. There are many great explainer videos showing how to build a solar purifier. Most of them are made for backyards and are quite large. Consider building one that is lightweight, smaller and portable to bring with you. a roll of clear plastic and a rubbermade container with a shut off valve installed, and some PVC pipe can suffice. When selecting your bug out locations, use detailed maps or google earth to identify nearby water sources. You can also try 

Food - Include MRE's in your bug out supplies. The one draw back is that having a lot of MRE's will add a lot of weight, although it would be wise to bring as many Meals Ready to Eat as possible. While we can survive 3 weeks or more without food, many negative health effects begin taking a toll on the body within just 5 or 6 days of starvation. The worst of which is heart muscle loss as the body begins self-cannibalizing, and lost heart muscle can never naturally regenerate. If you are rationing, and your needs severely outweigh your rations, try to break up the rations in a way where you are never going beyond 3 days without caloric intake. Bringing bone broth with you as part of your food prep can provide you with a lot of the essential protein and minerals your body needs to avoid organ damage during long periods without food. Also having salt on hand will aid you in replacing electrolytes you will surely expend as the energy cost of survival is high. Sugar is also beneficial to bring with as it can trick the body out of starvation mode and give you short bursts of energy to hunt or fish or explore to find more resources. It will also make palatable tinctures and teas you can make from plants. Having previously scouted your location and identified all plants that are beneficial remedies, or sources of vitamins or calories-is ideal. If there is hunting or fishing to be found nearby, be sure to include the appropriate tools to increase your odds of acquiring meat. Consider quiet options over noisy ones, as the sound of gunfire can attract unwelcome guests, both human and animal predator. A bow and arrow, a slingshot, a high powered pellet gun, are all quiet but still deadly in the hands of a practiced and skilled person. Train regularly. Learn field dressing and have a field dressing kit with. Reusable and sealable game bags will allow you to save meat longer, as will rubbing salt into the meat. Have an elevated location to hang the meat far from base camp to avoid unwanted run-ins with bears or other predators. Collect your urine and mark trees around your base camp with it. Marking trees high up above shoulder height can suggest to predators that encounter the scent, that you are a large animal who has marked their territory higher than they can, and can help keep them away. Bells and fishing line can also be used to set up an alarm perimeter allowing you time to prepare to defend any intrusion, or possibly alerting you to game animals nearby.