Behavioral Modification

Optogenetics is a biological technique to control the activity of brain cells by using specific frequencies of light designed to activate enzymes and transcription factors within the cells, which allows precise control of biochemical signaling pathways. This provides scientists with a mechanism by which they can use light to control the activity of neurons in targeted "function groups." This means that areas of the brain responsible for decision making, fear response, sexual arousal, addiction, learning, hunger or thirst, emotional peptide production, hormone production, or muscle activation, can be singled out and individually manipulated and controlled. Effectively, this technology can GENETICALLY ENGINEER brain cells and other cells using light.

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How to Protect Yourself from Optogenetics?

Since most of the Optogenetic tech is designed around utilization of blue light receptors and pathways, it makes sense that filtering out the blue light on your screened devices will alter the spectrum of light entering your eyes, which will interfere with the optogenetic tech if it is being used through your phone or other screens. Blue light filtering glasses and screen covers can be used. You can also go into the display settings and manually turnoff the blue light. Consider also limiting your screen time.

An excellent source for numerous methods of behavioral modification, compiled in one place:

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