Sovereignty and Natural Rights: Understanding Freedom

Before anyone can "fight for freedom," they must first understand and know what freedom really is. 


A word spoken by many, but understood by few. One of the main goals of the Global Freedom Movement is to educate and spread awareness to all human beings on Earth what it truly means to be free. To do this, we must explore the fundamental principles of freedom, and the foundational concepts that allow us to adopt a unifying definition that empowers us as Sovereign Free Beings in a way that preserves our Natural Rights.

Freedom is: the active expression, enjoyment and realization of your Sovereign Natural Rights.

The "NAP" refers to the "Non-Aggression-Principle." The nonaggression axiom is an ethical principle often used as a basis for libertarian rights theory. It forbids aggression except in defense.

Sovereignty defined

Sovereignty can best be defined at the individual level as "Self-Ownership." The concept that a human being is the owner of their own body, their thoughts, their decisions and their expressions. It is important to understand that the battle between good and evil tends to boil down to a battle between individualism and collectivism. The GFM subscribes-to and advocates-for global adoption of Individualism as a foundation for societies. Most atrocities committed by governments throughout human history have been done through the excuse of "The Greater Good" and carried out by mentally manipulated people who were "just doing their jobs." All mass genocides are carried out through the mechanisms of collectivism. Many collectivist ideologies argue for "collective rights" but do not recognize individual rights. It is impossible for collective rights to exist if the individuals in the group do not have rights when they are no longer within the safety of the group. A "Sovereign Nation" can only exist as an extension of sovereign individuals. If the people within a nation are not sovereign, then their nation is not sovereign either, for only human beings with right of self-ownership and self-determination can be represented by a nation claiming to have self-ownership and self-determination.

Identifying your natural rights

As a Sovereign Human Being of the Earth, you are inherently in possession of Rights which come from God / Nature / Existence, as we see with other creatures on the Earth. Every being lives for it's own survival, for the preservation of it's species, and has the free will to decide when and where and how to pursue it's own survival and happiness in it's natural environment by selecting resources and manipulating or consuming them in order to benefit from them by extending their lifespan, improving their condition or protecting themselves from the environment with those resources. Human Beings, while somewhat more complex in their needs and gifted with abilities to utilize knowledge and craftsmanship that enables them to manipulate resources in ways that can drastically improve their ability to survive, or increase the variation by which they pursue happiness, are endowed with those same Natural Rights.

These Natural Rights are;

The Right To Life - everyone has the right to keep their life through their own efforts to survive, to defend their lives from acts of aggression or predators in their natural environment. This includes the right to one's own body and the decisions that directly effect its health and longevity.

The Right To Liberty - to think and speak and believe and act as one pleases, so long as the expression of liberty of one individual is not committing an act of aggression against another, or crossing the boundary of another individual's sovereign rights.

The Right To Property - to be able to keep the fruits of one's labor, this is the incentive that causes those with ambition, drive, determination and inventiveness to produce the excess that takes care of those in society who cant take care of themselves, it drives innovations that better all our lives. Without the right to own the product of your own efforts, or to pass that product on to your offspring, the right to self-preservation cannot exist, and the only collective right to the preservation of the species is put in jeopardy. In collectivist societies, those who are most capable of protecting and providing for their offspring have their resources taken away by force and given to those who are incapable. This throws the natural order on it's head. It is based on the idea that "2-wrongs make a right." If the individual who is successful at producing wont "do the right thing" as perceived by others, then that is 1 wrong. Society then bands together and uses strength in numbers, or the state, to use the threat of violence in order to forcibly extract resources and give them to the individual who cannot provide for themselves. This is the 2nd wrong which does not make a right.

GFM-subscribes to and advocates-for all human interactions to be voluntary. Every individual has the right to produce, keep or give their property as they see fit. 

Individuals who produce excess, who are not bound by the violence and aggression of collectivist societies, are more likely to give of their own accord, voluntarily. Whereas, in collectivist societies, an attitude of entitlement and ownership extends beyond the individual boundaries. When some humans feel like they are entitled to the property that others have produced, this leads to conflict as well as division, which is then exploited by psychopaths, sociopaths, rent seekers and leeches. This is the divide and conquer mechanism used to rob the common beings of their power. Further, loopholes are created, and the vast majority of those with excess avoid contributing to those in need, while the vast majority of average producers end up unable to utilize the loopholes and feel the brunt of the extortion.

That said, we must be aware that the resources human beings need to live have been commoditized and hoarded by globalist oligarchs and the mega corporations and governments that are the proxies of their power. No one should be able to monopolize and commoditize the resources sovereign beings need to survive or thrive. 

So the Right to Life extends to:

The Right to Food

The Right to Water

The Right to Air

The Right to Sunlight

The Right to Shelter

The Right to Fire

The Right to Earth

The Right to utilize a Natural Resource in order to aid in one's survival

The boundaries of these rights end where the sovereign boundaries of the rights of another begin.