About the new world order

The New World Order is a term used by men and women of influence over the last 100 years to describe a new system of global governance, the end of sovereign nations, with one body controlling all governments, financial institutions, environmental agencies and religious institutions in the world.

In Short: Extreme Global Centralization.

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pillars of the nwo

3 pillars nwo

One World Government

Those who we call "Globalists" already have control of governments around the world, through their influence as the owners or primary shareholders of mega corporations and global financial institutions, their international organizations, grooming agencies, lobbies and think tanks. But now, those who are behind the push for total global centralization are ready to dissolve the illusion of separation of power. They seek to establish one global governing body to openly control all nations on Earth without needing to provide the masses with the illusion of democracy or representation by puppet politicians.

For many decades, the globalist agenda has been implemented by governments around the world. The mechanisms by which they accomplished this are numerous. They have used "sustainable development" policies of the United Nations since the 1970s in most countries. At first, they were minor changes to the banking, energy, forestry and resource management sectors. They used their lobbies, international agreements, and colluded with corrupt politicians to install their policies over the heads of their populations in a treasonous manner. They corrupted, co-opted, and groomed politicians and officials through elitist conferences such as the Bilderberg Group, grooming agencies such as the Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers programs of the World Economic Forum, globalist-loyal fraternities at Ivy-League Universities and other secret societies that capture the loyalties of up and coming prominent individuals who will become instrumental to carrying out the agenda in a variety of positions, and through acquiring or manufacturing blackmail evidence in multiple ways, including the methods used at Epstein Island.

The Main Elements of the One World Government are:

  • One Global Military Force, One Global Police Force, One Global Congress/Senate/Parliament, One Global Court, One Global Regulatory Body, One Global Health Authority.

One Global Currency & Financial System

Those who are behind the central banking system which are private corporations registered to the Vatican, the Bank of England, and Rothschild and Co, are  currently in control of printing or generating the national currencies of 99% of nations around the globe. At the time of writing this, the only hold outs are Iran and N. Korea, although the Rothschild family is connected to elements which influence the Iranian Regime, and it is likely they also have influence in North Korea, while yet to be confirmed.

In order for the central banking system to be replaced by a One World Financial System, and in order for the multiple national currencies to be replaced by a Smart Global Digital Currency, the current system must be destroyed. While many people believe the BRICS Alliance represents an alternate attempt to create an Eastern Centric New World Order, at the root of the BRICS Alliance we find many Rothschild controlled countries, and the Bank for International Settlements, which was founded by "Hitler's Banker" who was also a Rothschild agent. Both Russia and China are backing their currencies with gold, while the USD and the Petrodollar system are being dropped by many countries around the world. The USD, besides the Petrodollar system, was primarily backed as the world's reserve currency through US military supremacy, but that status as the world's most supreme military power is quickly changing thanks to intentionally damaging policies and decisions which have weakened it severely. 

The Fiat system was always going to fail, as it always has throughout history. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the intention was always to lead us to the point where we are now. To remove any intrinsically valuable asset class from backing the USD, and to move to the current debt-based govt bond fiat creation we have today. The banks all have lethal exposure to a financial gambling instrument known as "derivatives" of which, the global market size is unknown, however, in 2019, before the COVID money laundering and bailouts, and before the massive donations to Ukraine, the estimated size was over 4 quadrillion dollars. Which is more than the entire yearly global gross domestic product many many times over. Further fraudulent financial mechanisms were created, Certified Debt Obligations were packaged with real assets and then sold as investments while hiding the risks. Sub-prime lending went wild, and all lenders knowingly played a part in criminal financial activities which led to the 2008 financial collapse. It was then that this system of fraud and deceit should have collapsed naturally, but the US government and the Federal Reserve created a Quantitative Easing Program. Suddenly Trillions of dollars were flowing at near zero or zero interest rates. This caused already existing bubbles which were never able to fully pop thanks to the Bank and Wall St. bailouts, to balloon to enormous size. This was entirely intentional. The bubble is now so big that there is no way the current system could be saved. The Global Derivatives market contains contracts which have to settle, the quantitative easing couldn't go on forever without printing the currency into worthlessness. But, the end of that program signifies the beginning of the settlement process for the derivatives contracts. There simply aren't enough underlying assets to cover even a tiny fraction of the settlement figures, and every single bank will become insolvent. If the governments of the world try to bail out the banks to such an enormous figure, they will cause massive currency devaluation in the blink of an eye. It is a "damned if you do" and "damned if you don't" situation. 

The BRICS "alternate NWO" allows the globalist bankers who have intentionally created this scenario in order to collapse the SWIFT system and ending the Western Centric global financial dominance era, to make this intentional collapse seem like a natural occurrence of a changing global power structure. They are using their BRICS chess piece to eliminate their SWIFT chess piece, and to the common person, they appear to just be 2 self-determined naturally formed groups fighting for global dominance. 

It is likely that BRICS will be destroyed also, by war or conflicts or by some other existential threat, once the USD has been replaced as the worlds reserve currency.

All of this will lead to the planned Great Reset of the global financial system, and allow the implementation of the new One World Financial Governance Body, and the One World Smart Digital Currency for all nations.

The One World Religion

Globalists know how well religion can be used to control the masses. One major part of the One World Religion is the unification of all religions under one roof. This is already well underway. The Abrahamic House was built in 2022, and Interfaith Unity Services have been happening for many years and are growing exponentially.

Many groups once considered to be satanic cults are being welcomed, the woke and globalist agenda is taught in services, the pope, cardinals, pastors, imams and many other religious leaders have advocated for adherence to oppressive government policies in the name of "the greater good" saying that it is God's will for his people to submit to the New World Order. New Age Philosophy, Quantum Physics, Gnostic and various Esoteric principles are being implemented into a very diverse but consistently pro-nwo-agenda amalgamation.

This is a tool of brainwashing, manipulation, coercion by guilt, threat of damnation of God in order to get masses to comply.

How will they accomplish this?

1. They will collapse the economy, allow extreme devaluation of the central bank currencies to occur.

2. They will bring more planned pandemics and increase the power of the World Health Organization and CDC to control populations around the world.

3. They will implement mandatory medical interventions be required in order to access the resources human beings need to survive.

4. They will install a digital prison system, utilizing internet of things, 5G networks, biometrics and Digital ID to monitor every movement of every human being.

5. They will use centralized resource and supply chain controls to limit the availability of essential goods, combined with severing of essential services.

6. Their puppets in local, regional, and national branches of government will enact bylaws and legislation which removes the ability of anyone to be self-sufficient.

7. They will set up human corridors such as "15 Minute Cities" and restrict 98% of the environment from human access, while limiting inter-corridor travel.

8. They will use social credit to rate human beings on their compliance to the multi-faceted oppression and limit privileges and access to resources for those who wont comply.

9. They will use false flags to justify harsh actions against the strongest hold outs, brandishing them terrorists and incarcerating them indefinitely.

10. They will use manufactured wars to excuse military action against nations with a large portion of the population refusing to comply.

11. They will continue to polarize and divide and conquer nations with strong and well armed populations, and the conflicts they cause will excuse martial law reactions, during which time, all known dissidents against the NWO will be rounded up and incarcerated, re-educated, or eliminated.

12. They will utilize naturally occurring disasters or manufactured "natural disasters" to weaken and destabilize strongholds of refusers.

13. They will engage technology designed to manipulate, weaken, induce illness, or outright kill.

14. They will create agreements to continue the process of conglomerating nations into unions.

15. They will create a single global governmental body, with the backing of all the wealthy globalist institutions, which their controlled puppets in sovereign nations will sign over power-to in order to be "saved" from all the economic, environmental, infrastructure, and social service collapses that puppet politicians will claim they cannot solve without the surrender of sovereignty.

16. They will  disarm as many people as possible and will most likely wait for the injections to produce maximum casualties before allowing conflict to occur.

During this time, the population of Earth will be greatly reduced using poison injections, manufactured famines, disasters, wars, state sponsored terrorism, assisted suicide, increased access to fentanyl, and intentionally released engineered bioweapons.

The start of this process has already occurred beginning in 2020. By 2030, military contract think tank "Deagle" produced many reports showing that most nations would see a population size correction of -30% to -75% of current levels by 2025. 

Overpopulation "experts" such as Dennis Meadows if the Club of Rome have postured that "the Earth can only sustain about 10 Billion human beings if they are living in a smart technocratic dictatorship, or 1 Billion people with freedom. Of course we want to have freedom, so that number will have to be greatly reduced, and I hope it can be done peacefully." Based on their targets and Deagles projections, it looks very possible that they would like to bring the worlds population down to 1 Billion people or less over the decade beginning 2020-2030, which aligns with Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

So to sum it up, the New World Order will be a system where there is 1 global authority over all nations, all human beings, all resources and lands on Earth. There will be a complete digital prison for the serf class, the subjects under this power, and there will be no freedom, no inalienable rights, and your very thoughts themselves will not be your own, as you will be reprogrammed, or penalized for wrong think, if you are unlucky enough to be one of the few who survive to see this system be realized. Anyone who loves freedom knows that a future like that is not one worth living to see come to fruition. But does that mean we should lay down and die?

No! This is our children's Earth. It belongs to them, and the generations to come. It does not belong to globalist oligarch parasites, who are the biggest hypocrites of all. While they fly around the world in empty private jets, while they eat Wagu beef and live in excess, they decide for the masses that they should be locked in 15 minute cities, eat bugs, and be limited access to the things they need to survive. There will be no globalist oligarchs who will follow the rules of a "good citizen" in the New World Order. They don't follow the law right now, they wont in the future either. There has never been such a thing as "the rule of law." It has always only ever been the law for you, never for them. Globalists and their puppets are moving beyond merely being above the law, they are changing everything, even what it means to be human, and they've decided that 95% of you are not worth keeping, which includes innocent children.

Its time we rise up as good free sovereign people of planet earth and remove these unelected psychopaths from the helm of this Earth. It is not theirs! They do not get to decide for us what kind of world we will leave for our children. We did nothing but merely exist to draw their genocidal attention. They have aggressed against us unprovoked, and unjustified. They have completely captured the institutions and have eliminated our ability to effect change within the game.

We all must step outside the rigged game and begin to play by our own rules. You have the sovereign right to be free no matter who or what you are, or what part of Earth you reside on, no matter what any document says. You are in the right to defend yourself from this aggression and correct the situation outside of the corrupt institutions. You have the right to throw off any government which has become tyrannical and no longer serves the people it claims to represent.

Identify that you are living under a captured, illegitimate and tyrannical regime:

When a government uses the excuse of "the greater good" to undermine your individual sovereign natural rights, it is the first warning sign of coming genocide.

When a government uses threats, intimidation, dehumanization to reinforce the undermining of your natural rights, it is illegitimate.

When a government uses violent force against you because you wont comply, it is tyrannical.

When a government executes the will of foreign organizations which violate the rights and freedoms of its populace, it is filled with criminals guilty of treason.

If you are ready to fight against this New World Order, then join the Global Freedom Movement and lets show them that the next World Order will be Our World Order, and not theirs, for all the children of the world who we owe, to leave this world freer than we found it, for them.

Watch this 15 minute video to get a better grasp on the big picture.