Running a GFM Node

A "Node" is a point of distribution for the GFM protocol. Those who choose to run a node on top of being a member of GFM help to make the network more robust and resistant to censorship. 

As the Back Channel Communication Network (DOWNLOAD PDF GUIDE VIA DOWNLOAD BUTTON BELOW) becomes more versatile, the items required to run a node will evolve to allow more pathways of communication over HAM, CB, MESH, CELLULAR, and PRIVACY APPS.

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Important things to note: There is no fool proof device or code that will enable anyone to be fully encrypted, private, or safe.

HAM radio requires an operators license and allows Radio Frequency Regulation Authorities to enter your premises and inspect your equipment if they so wish.

Both HAM and CB broadcasts can easily be triangulated to identify your location.

Privacy apps offer a layer of encryption to your messages but that does not mean they are truly "private," and not all privacy apps are equal. Choosing the right one to build your Squad Network Hub is essential, and it is best to choose someone knowledgeable or technologically savvy to be the communication officer and set everyone up with their equipment, as well as teach the rest of the squad how it works and how to use it properly. Redundancy is Key to Resiliency.

A Node can utilize many forms of communication, and that includes leaving physical messages on bulletin boards, in pre-arranged locations, by registered mail, or whatever you can think of to send a message. 

For social media, it is advisable to purchase a burner phone with cash, use a fake name and address and write them down somewhere so you can use that information to change the number with the carrier at a later date if the original number is banned from platforms. Never connect to any number, email address, wifi network, or social media account from your other devices. Pre-purchase as much talk time codes as you can afford, with cash. Find out from the carrier how long you can go without topping up before you lose that number. Consider buying Monero and using it to buy Bitcoin from a decentralized crypto exchange that does not require KYC Authentication, and then use that Bitcoin to purchase a VPN to run solely on that burner phone. Create social media profiles using GFM imagery and begin to post in comments of News articles/posts the links to GFM documentation which undermines the narrative in the original post. You can also slightly alter a pre-written set of 25 tweets found HERE which you can then schedule automatically to post them on a regular basis. The idea is, if we are ALL Spartacus, then nobody is Spartacus.

Create as many twitter profiles as you can with that one number, and create Protonmail email addresses unique for each.

Recommended privacy apps are Wire App and Sessions for creating your network hub.

It is also recommended that you install a HQ VPN on a designated hardware firewall at your home internet so that you can connect to the hubs you create on Wire or Sessions without linking your IP to the burner phone.

For the more technologically capable, consider setting up a mesh network with those who are in close proximity to you.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the network or node system, please submit them via the contact page. Thank you

Please use these images when setting up the Social Media Portion of your Node. It is important to show strength in numbers in a visually unified way. This works on human psychology to give people the feeling of safety in numbers. The more GFM birds they see, the larger we are perceived to be as a group, and the more people we will attract to join us when they feel that many are already among us. They cant see us unless we are unified in a visible way.

Social media header image:

GFM logo2

Social Media profile picture image:


Consider also running a booth at protests to represent GFM. You can make up signs, t-shirts, flyers and print the GFM documents to pass out and recruit freedom fighters to the cause.