building your part of the gfm network

The GFM Squad and the GFM Squad Network is one of the most important parts of the structure we need to effectively fight against the NWO.

It is a matter of when and not if our main avenues of communication are taken down or attached to biometric identification systems. When this happens, it will become impossible to communicate with each other in ways where we can be open and use free speech without threat of government action that could see our bank accounts frozen, our homes taken away, our children removed, or us incarcerated.

GFM employs the principle of redundancy into all areas. When it comes to communication, we must build as many redundancies as possible to maintain open channels with our squadmates, other squads, and the world at large, in order to stay aware of what is happening so that we can engage accordingly.

network equipment

The GFM Network aims to utilize every way to remain connected possible. HAM, CB, MESH NETWORKS, PRIVACY APPS, BURNER PHONES, ENCRYPTED EMAIL, IN PERSON.


HAM radio uses the power of electromagnetic radiation to send audio, Morse code and digital data around the world using transmitters, receivers and antennas. An operators license is required.


CB stands for "Citizens Band" and operates similar to HAM but on designated frequencies, and with lower powered transmission. This means it is not as capable at long distance transmission. Boosters can be purchased and installed with a switch, which allows for longer range transmission during emergencies, although use of these boosters are against regulations, having one for times of crisis is wise.

MESH Networks:

A mesh network is a local area network in which the infrastructure nodes connect directly, dynamically or non-hierarchically to as many other nodes as possible and cooperate with one another to efficiently route data to and from clients. These networks can be joined together in cities, or communities with close proximity between homes, creating a "local internet" which can be utilized to transfer data or information without access to the greater internet.


After acquiring a burner phone and following the steps as outlined in the Back Channel Communication Guide, you can create a burner phone Group SMS text chat, and set up your SMS messages to send over cellular instead of Data. Get the other squadmates in your squd, and other squads nearby you to add their burner numbers. In the event that only cellular service without data is available, you will be able to communicate without having your messages attached to phones on contract with providers who have your personal information or agreements with government to hand your identity and messages over.


Using your burner phone with a data plan, set up rooms in WireApp or Sessions. There is no need to use a phone number for either app. Make a room for your squad, another for your community of squads. Remember the golden rule "assume infiltration at all times" and be careful with what you say, how you say it, and remove anyone who violates the code of conduct.


Meet at pre-determined muster points at mutually close locations for your squad or network of squads to each equally travel similar distances if possible. Leave electronic devices at home, or bring burner phones inside faraday bags or tinfoil. Use these meetings to discuss things you are not comfortable discussing through other means, but always assume infiltration. Choose to speak in hypotheticals and be careful with language. Openly object to anyone's speech which violates the code of conduct. These meeting locations can also double as muster points for squads to group up if all coms are down.

Encrypted Email Network:

Using Protonmail, create emails specifically for communicating with your squad and squad network. Each member should have one on their burner phone. It is also advisable to use the free Proton VPN, or use Bitcoin withdrawn from a Decentralized Exchange without KYC to purchase a premium VPN for your burner. Once you have collected all the email addresses, each member should create a group email, so that it is swift and simple to type one email and send it instantly to all members in the list.

Back channel communication guide

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