Informing others of the truth and GFM

The most critical part of the GFM is to do absolutely everything within our power to wake up as many people as we can between now and the day where the NWO reaches a point that massive pushback occurs due to intolerable levels of tyranny forcing people to act.

RED Pill

It is important to note that most of the work to be done in waking people up to the tyranny of the NWO will occur in the real world. Make every effort you can to speak with everyone in your life, family, friends, business relationships, or just the people you come into contact with on a regular basis. Have conversations, pass them materials to look at, and choose arguments that are more likely to get through to them. Carry flyers or postcards with you that make it easy to red pill people on the fly. Consider going to local meetings, town halls, or sitting in at the public legislature near you. Schedule a speaking time slot and bring important issues to light in front of your local officials. Call, email and schedule in person meetings with them. Consider buying ad space on bus stops, billboards, mass mailouts, radio or TV depending on your budget. Use local bulletin boards, and if you win over a shop owner, ask to put flyers in their window or leave a stack on their desk.

Let each do according to their means, but let each of us have no regret that we could have done more.

When you have exhausted all opportunities to spread the truth in the real world, use social media, message boards, email lists and forums to top off your efforts. If you find yourself in an echo chamber of like minded people because the algorithms are hiding your message, then spread the GFM argument for how to unite and take our power away from the NWO to those who are already aware of what it is.

There is a chance that by waking up enough people fast enough, the worst scenarios could be avoided, so prepare for the worst but ACT for the best.


When you are spreading truth and you come across someone who is already awake, enter recruitment mode. Explain to them what GFM is and how it can help them. Give them the website and advocate they come on board. There are many of us out there, but we need to unite in a meaningful way for our numbers to mean something. The more established that your squad and your network of squads become, the larger that network will grow. Human psychology says that human beings are looking for both strength and safety in numbers. Few have the courage to stand first, but the majority in the middle will follow those who stand first if they see strength and safety in numbers. This is why visual unity is also important. With GFM nodes and GFM wear, people will see that unity is self-evident.

Remember, its your choice as a member of a decentralized movement to decide how much you choose to do, or how visibly you choose to represent, but if we are to be successful, we will need the maximum number of people possible to buy fully in to making this movement into something extremely dangerous to the NWO and the people behind it.

So Join us and Build Your Own Way Out of the NWO!