It has never been more important to take personal ownership and care in one's health. The allopathic medical system has been exposed, and it is clear that until the system has been overhauled to address serious concerns, it is wise to avoid this system if possible. None of what you find on this page should be considered health advice, and this information is shared for entertainment and educational purposes. Consult a health professional before making any serious decisions.

REverse damage/cleanse from covid-19 injection

Below you will find some remedies which may or may not work to repair or cleanse your body from some or all of the ingredients or damage caused by the COVID-19 gene therapy products. Use this information at your own risk and research for yourself beyond what you find here.


Zeolite Spray Heavy Metal Detox (May also remove nanotech) (This specific product in featured image does not represent a brand endorsement.) You can make this spray yourself if you buy the raw organic zeolite powder, which is also much cheaper. Scientific Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3


Black Seed Oil - Testimonial for general health, vaccine injury recovery and more.

parasite cleanse