Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I join the Global Freedom Movement? 

A: This is explained in the "About" section, but in short, you adopt the principles found in our Mission Statement, adhere to the code of conduct, declare your independence from the globalist powers that have captured governments, and take the action necessary to prepare, equip, train, network and spread information in your community, while committing yourself to actively defy oppression, and pledging your life to taking freedom back. There is no tracked membership, no need to be "approved" or "initiated." The movement is decentralized, and its on you to adopt the protocol and build the framework in your own life.

Q: Who runs the GFM?

A: Everyone who chooses to adopt the protocol and build the framework "runs" the GFM Network. There is no Central Authority or any individual in command.

Q: Where are you located?

A: GFM is Global, there are people who have adopted or are building it all around the world. The framework can be adapted to fit the geographical and national challenges specific to each country while the core framework remains unchanged.

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